The Creation in Christ

All things were made by him, and without him was not anything made that was made. In him was life, and the life was the light of men.
— John 1:3-4

Jesus made himself what he is by dying into the will of the eternal Father, through which will he was the eternal Son—thus plunging in to the fountain of his own life, the everlasting Fatherhood, and taking the Godhead of the Son. This is the life that was made in Jesus. This life, self-willed in Jesus, is the one thing that makes such life, the eternal life, the true life, possible—nay imperative, essential, to every man, woman, and child, whom the Father has sent into the outer, that he may go back into the inner world, his heart. As the self-existent life of the Father has given us being, so the willed devotion of Jesus is his power to give us eternal life like his own—to enable us to do the same. There is no life for any man, other than the same kind that Jesus has; his disciple must live by the same absolute devotion of his will to the Father’s. Because we come out of the divine nature, which chooses to be divine, we must choose to be divine, to be one with God, or we perish. While God is the father of his children, Jesus is the father of their sonship. We are not and cannot become true sons without our will willing his will. It was the will of Jesus to be the thing God willed and meant him, that made him the true son of God. So with us: we must be the sons we are. We are not made to be what we cannot help being; sons and daughters are not after such fashion! We must be sons and daughters in our will. And we can be such only by choosing God for the father he is, and doing his will. Therein lies human bliss. The working out of this our salvation must be pain, but the eternal form of the will of God in and for us, is intensity of bliss.