The Creation in Christ

All things were made by him, and without him was not anything made that was made. In him was life, and the life was the light of men.
— John 1:3-4

The bond of the universe, the harmony of things, the negation of difference, the fact at the root of every vision, revealing that love is the only good in the world, and selfishness the one thing hateful, in the city of the loving God, is the devotion of the Son to the Father. It is the life of the universe. It is not the fact that God created all things that makes the universe a whole; but that he through whom he created them loves him perfectly, is satisfied to be because his father is with him. For there can be no unity, no oneness where there is only one. For the very beginnings of unity there must be two. Without Christ, therefore, there could be no universe. The reconciliation wrought by Jesus was the necessary working out of the eternal antecedent fact, that God and Christ are one, the Son loving the Father and the Father loving the Son as only the Father and Son can love. The prayer of the Lord for unity between men and the Father and himself springs from the eternal need of love. But for the Father and the Son, no two would care a jot the one for the other. It might be right for creatures to love because of mere existence, but what two creatures would ever have originated the loving? But if the Father loves the Son, if the very music that make the harmony of life lies in the burning love in the hearts of Father and Son, then glory be to the Father and the Son, drawing us up into the glory of their joy, to share in the thoughts of love that pass between them, in their thoughts of delight and rest in each other, in their thoughts of joy in all the little ones. The life of Jesus is the light of men, revealing to them the Father.