The Cause of Spiritual Stupidity

How is it that ye do not understand?

— St. Mark. 8:21

With every trouble, great or small, go to God, and appeal to him, the God of your life. If your trouble is such that you cannot appeal to him, the more need you should appeal to him! Where one cannot go to God, there is something especially wrong. If you let thought for the morrow, or the next year, or the next month, distress you; if you let the chatter of what is called the public, annoy you; if you seek or greatly heed the judgment of men, you set open your windows to the mosquitoes of care, to drown with their buzzing the voice of the Eternal!

If you tell me that but for care, the needful work of the world would be ill done, I ask you what work will be better done by the greedy or anxious than by the free, fearless soul? Can care be a better inspirer than God? Is he worthy the name of man who, for the fear of starvation, will do better work than for the joy that his labor is not in vain in the Lord? I know as well as you that you are not likely to get rich that way; but neither will you block up the gate of the kingdom of heaven against yourself.