Abba, Father!

—the spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.

— Romans 8:15

Until our outward condition is that of sons royal, sons divine; so long as we groan under sickness and weakness and weariness, old age, and all heavy things; so long we have not yet received the sonship in full—we are but getting ready one day to creep from our chrysalis, and spread the great heaven-storming wings of the psyches of God. We groan, waiting for the redemption of the body, the uplifting of the body to be a fit house and revelation of the indwelling spirit—nay, like that of Christ, a fit temple and revelation of the deeper indwelling God. Hence the revealing of the sons of God, spoken of in Romans 8:19, is the same thing as the redemption of the body; the body is redeemed when it is made fit for the sons of God; then it is a revelation of them—the thing it was meant for. When we are the sons of God in heart and soul, then shall we be the sons of God in body, too: “we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is.”

The redeemed body will show the same self as before, but it will show the being truly—without the defects and imperfections of the former bodily revelation. Even through their corporeal presence shall we then know our own infinitely better, and find in them endlessly more delight, than before. Until the redemption of the body arrives, the true sonship is not wrought out, is only upon the way. Nor can it come but by our working out the salvation he is working in us.