The Truth in Jesus

But ye did not so learn Christ; if so be that ye heard him, and were taught in him, even as truth is in Jesus: that ye put away, as concerning your former manner of life, the old man, which waxeth corrupt after the lusts of deceit .

— Eph. 4:20-22

Do you put your faith in Christ, I ask those who doubt what I have been saying above, or in the doctrinesand commandments of men? If you say, “In him,” is it then possible that you do not see that, above all things and all thoughts, you are bound to obey him? Do you not mourn that you cannot trust in him as you would, that you find it too hard? Too hard it is for you, and too hard it will remain, while the things he tells you to do you do not try! How should you be capable of trusting in the true one while you are nowise true to him? The very thing to make you able to trust in him, and so receive all things from him, you turn your back upon: obedience you decline, or at least neglect.  You say you do not refuse to obey him? I care not whether you refuse or not, while you do not obey. Remember the parable: “I go, sir, and went not.” What have you done this day because it was the will of Christ? Have you dismissed an anxious thought for the morrow? Have you ministered to any needy soul or body, and kept your right hand from knowing what your left hand did? Have you begun to leave all and follow him? Are you being wary of covetousness? Have your forgiven your enemy? Are you seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness before all other things? Have you given to someone that asked of you? If you do nothing that he says, it is no wonder that you cannot trust in him, and are therefore driven to seek refuge in the atonement, as if something he had done, and not he himself in his doing were the atonement.