Sylvana Loudon Green: God's Guiding Hand

About two or three years ago, I discovered George MacDonald via Michael Philips, and read several of his articles online. I recall reading something a year or two prior about George MacDonald believing in universal reconciliation, and I may have remembered that and looked him up. However, I do know that I came upon him after a long and drawn out time of searching for truth, and he was the final landing place. Briefly, my husband and I were a part of conservative evangelicalism for many years. My husband and son both left the faith, which really rattled me. I was growing disillusioned with what we had been a part of, thus setting me on a journey of finding out what was really true about God.

Looking back, and even through it all, I could see God's hand guiding me and preparing me to better understand who he was.

Sylvana Loudon Green