Sir Gibbie

Available Editions

Sir Gibbie (followed by Donal Grant)
Originally published in 1879 by Hurst & Blackett, London
Scottish Brogue

Sunrise Centennial Edition, from Wise Path Books

Johannesen Printing & Publishing
Hardback, reproduced from the 1900 Edition of A.L. Burt, New York

1963 edition of Sir Gibbie, edited by Elizabeth Yates

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The edition edited by Yates reintroduced what had become an out-of-print book to the reading public. It is considerably shorter than the original and removes or rewrites much of the Scots dialogue. Michael Phillips notes that this edition was the primary model and inspiration for his own edited versions of many of MacDonald’s novels, which played a huge role in the MacDonald renaissance of the past several decades.

Others available from Amazon

Edited version from Michael Phillips: The Baronet’s Song

Two editions of Sir Gibbie have been created specifically for young readers, both available through the Amazon link above:

Wee Sir Gibbie of the Highlands
George MacDonald Classics for Young Readers, Bethany House Publishing, edited by Michael Phillips

Sir Gibbie
Classics for Young Readers Edition, P&R Publishing, edited by Kathryn Lindskoog

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