Planning for the Future

It's no longer possible to purchase a complete set of MacDonald's books from Johannesen or Sunrise, so we're inviting the community of readers to participate in planning for a future complete set. Here's the Straw Man we're starting out with: we encourage you to comment as we work toward a common vision for the Next Edition:

  1. Since demand for hardcover editions is limited, create high-quality paperback editions
  2. Base all books off the original published editions, unless compelling evidence exists that MacDonald both made the revision and believed it to be superior to his original.
  3. Include substantive introductions 
  4. Include appendices that provide examples of variant material and discussions of the differences between editions
  5. Include illustrations from original editions

This is a long-term (perhaps 10+ year) project, but every journey begins with a first step. Our thought is that the creation of high-quality paperbacks is the best chance to make this project economically possible and to continue to broaden the audience for George MacDonald's books. 

We welcome--indeed, we need--your comments, and welcome any and all who would like to play an active role in this project.