Love is Strength: Music Video

Near the end of Love is Strength, George MacDonald wrote
"Little ones, no ill can chance; Fear ye not, but sing and dance;" and those words inspired the extraordinary Christian songwriter Joel Stamoolis to create an uptempo setting for the poem. Music by Joel Stamoolis, lyrics by George MacDonald, performed by Joel and Naomi Stamoolis and fiddler Shonti Elder. 

Love alone is great in might,
Makes the heavy burden light,
Smooths rough ways to weary feet,
Makes the bitter morsel sweet:
   Love alone is strength!

Might that is not born of Love
Is not Might born from above,
Has its birthplace down below
Where they neither reap nor sow:
   Love alone is strength!

Love is stronger than all force,
Is its own eternal source;
Might is always in decay,
Love grows fresher every day:
   Love alone is strength!

Little ones, no ill can chance;
Fear ye not, but sing and dance;
Though the high-heaved heaven should fall
God is plenty for us all:
   God is Love and Strength!

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