Scots Songs and Ballads: Godly Ballants. II. The Twa Baubees

II.--THE TWA BAUBEES.                             THE TWO COINS

Stately, long-robed, and stepping with ease,
   The rich men went up the temple hall;
Hasty, and gripping her two copper coins, 
   The widow came after, stooped and small (sma'slightly-built).

Their gold rang loud as it fell, and lay
   Yellow and glinting, a beautiful haul (braw: of money: substantial; in general, splendid);
But the folk around the Master heard him say
   The poor one's (or "the beggar's") coppers were more than it all. 

Stately, lang-robit, an' steppin at ease,
   The rich men gaed up the temple ha';
Hasty, an' grippin her twa baubees,
   The widow cam efter, booit an' sma'.

Their goud rang lood as it fell, an' lay
   Yallow an' glintin, bonnie an' braw;
But the fowk roun the Maister h'ard him say
   The puir body's baubees was mair nor it a'.