Mas Allá del Viento del Norte (At the Back of the North Wind: Latest Entry in the 2017 Competition for Charity!)

"Mas Allá del Viento del Norte"
Cover Illustration and Design

George MacDonald's story, At the Back of the North Wind is one of those stories that has shaped my perspective on life. As one of the most influential novels in my own life, I felt compelled to illustrate scenes from MacDonald's story. 

This past summer, Ático de Los Libros (a publishing house in Barcelona) stumbled upon my illustrations and requested to one as the cover art for the first Spanish translation of At the Back of the North Wind. I was honored to have my artwork paired Arthur Hughes' original illustrations, as well as used to represent At the Back of the North Wind as MacDonald's lovely tale is shared with more people around the world.

Books can be ordered (although in select countries):