The Works of George MacDonald Team



Onesimus is a PME (Professional MacDonald Enthusiast) and the editor of Consuming Fire: The Inexorable Power of God’s Love, the devotional version of MacDonald's Unspoken Sermons. He has adopted the name of the runaway slave who was the inspiration for the Apostle Paul’s letter to Philemon in the New Testament.


Michael Phillips

MacDonald Guru at Large

Michael Phillips, best-selling Christian writer and novelist, is one of the key individuals responsible for reawakening worldwide public interest in George MacDonald through publication of his edited and original editions of MacDonald's books. Phillips first discovered MacDonald's work in the early 1970's. Dismayed to learn that all MacDonald's major fiction, as well as most other titles, were unavailable, Phillips embarked on an ambitious lifetime project to re-introduce the world to the remarkable Victorian author. He is also MacDonald's biographer--George MacDonald, Scotland's Beloved Storyteller--and in the 1980's inaugurated the publication of MacDonald's original works in the Sunrise Centenary Editions series.


David Jack

Senior Scots Linguist from Perth, Scotland

Dawvid first discovered MacDonald only in his late twenties, despite growing up within 50 miles of Huntly, the author's home town. Since then, he has wasted little time in familiarizing himself with the great man's works: especially the Scots novels, which are in his unbiased view the crowning glory of them all.


Dan MacDonald

Executive Editor from York, Maine

Dan serves as a  childcare worker supervisor in a group home for kids who cannot live at home.  He's been in and around the field for thirty years for free or for pay, and has been a fan of George MacDonald fan since his teen years, when he read Phantastes and Lilith in a one-volume edition.  



Executive Editor from Montgomery, Vermont

Karen writes: I knew much when I was a child; important things , like God is  'there' and 'here'. My life has been much a 'getting to know Him' life -- I think I'm journeying backwards, really; back to that child that holds my divine heart. I'm here because MacDonald shares his glimpses of the father and the son, and I am compelled  to see what he sees. I don't always understand him, nor like what he says, but that is my error. 

I'm an artist, a mom, a contemplative, a barista, someone who smiles often, and likes people, though a bit shy. 


Executive Director of Biblical Theology from Justin, Texas

Tiffini writes:  I obtained my Master's degree from Dallas Theological Seminary in Cross-Cultural Ministry because I felt the Lord calling me to the mission field overseas. I was a missionary for one year in Bangkok, Thailand with the mission organization Mission to the World in the church denomination of the Presbyterian Church of America. It was a profound experience to teach English to business professionals and Bible college students and to reach my students with the message of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to bring Him glory among the nations. I was part of a church planting team to establish a light in a very dark place.

After my return from the mission field I felt a burden to have my own children and family. I've been married to my husband for 7 years, and we have two beautiful twin girls. I also have a beautiful step-daughter. My husband is a financial advisor with Edward Jones in Flower Mound, Texas, and is also currently pursuing his Master's at Dedman School of Law. He was formerly a lawyer in Bolivia, the country where he is from.

For me my study of George MacDonald has opened my mind to new levels, and it's bringing me out of a very structured box of a cookie cutter Christianity background from which I come from. I love to be challenged, intoxicated with the unusual, explore Christian writings and thought from new perspectives, and I'm finding that adventure in the George MacDonald world.


Senior Hellologist

Charles Watson Sr. is a student of the Bible, an apologist, and a polemicist. Building on his Southern Baptist upbringing, Watson is a truth seeker—following the truth regardless of where it may lead. “Iron sharpens iron, just as one man sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17


Melissa Alvey

Designer from California

Melissa was first introduced to George MacDonald when her high school art teacher lent her a copy of The Princess and the Goblin. Since then, she has referred to George MacDonald as her magical Grandfather. Embracing the meaning of her name (Melissa means "honeybee"), she sees herself on a mission to search for beauty even in the midst of uncertainty. 
You can view her artwork and designs at


Jess Lederman

Amanuensis to Onesimus, Wasilla, Alaska

Jess helps out here and there. His very patient wife, Ling, recently gave birth to their first child, and he thanks Abraham and Zechariah for their insightful on-line tutorial, Fatherhood for Oldsters; and of course Christ Jesus, King of Kings, for the miracle of little David Elginbrod Lederman, who arrived exactly one month before George's birthday.