A Unique Devotional Blending Scripture, Prayer, and Art

Melissa Alvey's 40 Dawns and 40 Dusks is an extraordinary combination of watercolors, meditation, scripture, and prayer. In her acknowledgments, Melissa wrote of George MacDonald being a source of inspiration who guided her to hope; he would be most pleased to be associated with this wonderful book. 

25% of profits go to Exile International, a non-profit organization that empowers children of war to become leaders for peace through art therapy and holistic, rehabilitative care.

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From the Introduction, by Kathryn Kong:
Jesus' death broke the curse and defeated death. His resurrection invites us into a new reality, an intimate relationship with the living God. Because of Jesus’ death and resurrection, we can do as Wendell Berry encourages: to practice resurrection. 

In 40 Dawns & 40 Dusks, Melissa Alvey does just that, practicing resurrection with each brush stroke. She does not shy away from themes of death, darkness, suffering, or pain; instead, she engages these themes with skill and grace, revealing the beauty in the darkness and focusing our eyes to see little resurrections each day. 

Ultimately, this collection is a meditation on hope: as surely as dawn turns to dusk, so, too, dawn resurrects from dusk. Even when darkness presses in, the promise of grace shines bright. After the long night, morning comes. 

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