The Inheritance

Giving thanks unto the Father, which hath made us meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light.

— Colossians 1:12

The true share, in the heavenly kingdom throughout, is not what you have to keep, but what you have to give away. The thing that is mine is the thing I have with the power to give it. The thing I have no power to give a share in, is nowise mine; the thing I cannot share with everyone, cannot be essentially my own. The cry of the thousand splendors which Dante tells us he saw gliding toward them in the planet Mercury, was Lo, here comes one who will increase our loves! All the light is ours. God is all ours. Even that in God which we cannot understand is ours. If there were anything in God that was not ours, then God would not be one God. I do not say we must, or can ever know all in God; not throughout eternity shall we ever comprehend God, but he is our father—he must know us, and that in himself which we cannot know, with the same thought, for he is one. We and that which we do not or cannot know, come together in this thought. And this helps us to see how, claiming all things, we have yet shares. For the infinitude of God can only begin and only go on to be revealed, through his infinitely differing creatures—all capable of wondering at, admiring, and loving each other, and so bound all in one in him, each to the others revealing him. For every human being is like a facet cut in the great diamond to which I may dare liken the father of him who likens his kingdom to a pearl. Every man, woman, and child is a revealer of God.