The Way

If thou wouldst be perfect.

— St. Matthew 19:21

The youth had begun early to climb the eternal stair. He had kept the commandments, and by every keeping had climbed. But because he was well-to-do, he felt well-to-be; quite, but for that lack of eternal life! His possessions gave him a standing in the world. He knew himself looked up to; he liked to be looked up to; he looked up to himself because of his means, forgetting that means are but tools, and poor tools, too. To part with his wealth would be to sink to the level of his inferiors! Why should he not keep it? Why not use it in the service of the Master? What wisdom could there be in throwing away such a grand advantage? He could devote it, but he could not cast it from him! He could devote it, but he could not devote himself! He could not make himself naked as a little child and let his Father take him! To him it was not the word of wisdom the “Good Master” spoke. How could a rich man believe he would be of more value without his money, that the battle of God could be better fought without its impediment? But the Master had repudiated money that he might do the will of his Father; and the disciple must be as his master. Had he done as the Master told him, he would soon have come to understand.

Obedience is the opener of eyes.