I came that they may have life and may have it abundantly.

— St. John 10:10

If we do the will of God, eternal life is ours—no mere continuity of existence, for that in itself is worthless as hell, but a being that is one with the essential Life, and so within his reach to fill with the abundant and endless out-goings of his love. Our souls shall be vessels ever growing, filled with more and more life proceeding from the Father and the Son. What abundance of life he came that we might have, we can never know until we have it. But to be for one moment aware of such pure simple love towards but one of my fellows as I trust I shall one day have towards each, must of itself bring a sense of life such as the utmost effort of my imagination can but feebly shadow now. There would be, even in that one love, an expansion of life inexpressible. For we are made for love, not for self. Our neighbor is our refuge; self is our demon-foe. Every man is the image of God to every man, and in proportion as we love him, we shall know that sacred fact.

If there are readers to whom my words seem but foolish excitement, it can be nothing to them to be told that I seem to myself to speak only the words of truth and soberness. Such as they have not yet begun to live. Little can they, with minds full of petty cares, or still more petty ambitions, understand the groaning and travailing of the creation. It may be that they are honestly desirous of saving their own wretched souls, but as yet can they know but little of their need of him who is the first and the last and the living one.