George MacDonald: An Illustrated Anthology

The literature of George MacDonald was often enhanced with illustrations by several of the finest artists in Victorian England. George MacDonald: An Illustrated Anthology presents a wide diversity of excerpts from the novels, sermons, poems, essays and children’s tales by this beloved 19th century writer, accompanied by beautiful original illustrations inspired by these works. Represented artists include Arthur Boyd Houghton, Arthur Hughes, Sir John Everett Millais, George John Pinwell, Frederick Sandys, William Small, and several others.

"As the result of copious research, Barbara Amell brings to her comprehensive knowledge of George MacDonald’s literary achievement her deep appreciation of the illustrative abilities of the chief artists of the Victorian period. The result is a highly delightful and instructive reading experience."
--Dr. Roland Hein, Professor Emeritus of English at Wheaton College

From the Introduction, by Barbara Amell:

In the 1850s an exceptional number of superb painters were
living in London. Among the finest of these artists were
Dante Gabriel Rossetti, John Everett Millais and William
Holman Hunt. These men established the Pre-Raphaelite
Brotherhood, a school of painting which advocated realism
in its images and the portrayal of a story in its subject matter.
Several other important painters in England were attracted
to this movement and were subsequently influenced by its
methods. It is not to be wondered at that many of these artists
began to experiment with the art of illustration...

A few glimpses of the many illustrations in the Anthology: