The End Crowns All

One of my favorite chapters in Part One of Robert Falconer is "The End Crowns All" which tells of the deathbed conversion of Alexander Alexander, also known as "Dooble Sanny,” who was both the village shoemaker and Robert Falconer's secret fiddle teacher. Dooble Sanny was known in the village of Rothieden as the town drunk who often verbally abused his wife. But Robert could see something more under the rough exterior. After experiencing a stroke, Dooble Sanny was bedridden and weak, but Robert was faithful to visit him daily. He  played the violin to soothe him andread passages from the New Testament. Over time, the patience and unconditional love of the boy for the older man caused Alexander's heart to soften, and he experienced repentance and forgiveness, much to the joy of Robert!

Having the side-by-side English-Scots dialogue really helps the reader understand the love and humor in the relationship between the young man and the coarse but loveable old reprobate! The illustration shows Robert reading the Bible to Alexander as he decides to give Robert his fiddle as a last loving act.