P & G and Lippy too

This edition of The Princess and The Goblin is from 1877 - J.B. Lippincott Company in Philadelphia. But notice that they have taken some liberty with the title, removing two "the's" so it fits on a single line: "Princess and Goblin"


Lippincott began as a Bible and prayer book publisher in 1836 and underwent various changes through the years. By the end of the 19th century, they were one of the largest and most famous publishers in the world. Lippincotts Monthly Magazine was a popular periodical containing a complete novel, short stories, poetry, and opinion, was published in the US and the UK from 1868 to 1914.


The more ornate styles of cover art is something I've noticed in the 1880s, perhaps it began earlier and not sure when it became less popular. Is it related to the Arts and Craft movement of that period? Perhaps some artist in our MacDonald community can venture an opinion.


The text includes all the Arthur Hughes drawings. I've also posted a photo of the inside back endpapers which advertise other books from Lippincott. There are also books advertised on the front endpapers (one is of their 1887 Worchester's Unabridged Dictionary). The dictionary boasts endorsements from five prominent scholars of the day, most notably to me is Oliver Wendell Holmes (Supreme Court Justice from 1902 to 1932), who wrote: "Worchester's Dictionary has constantly lain on my table for daily use, and Webster's on my shelf for occasional consultation."


Ha! So take THAT Webster's Dictionary! 


Robert Trexler

Editor, CSL: The Bulletin of the New York C.S. Lewis Society

Publisher, Winged Lion Press