P & G 3 tee hee

This edition of P&G from Garden City Publishing (New York) has a lovely cover by artist Elizabeth Mackinstry. The interior line drawings inside are mostly crudely drawn, like the worst of the Frances Brundage drawings (which I will show in a future blog post showing her embarrassing 1927 illustrations of ABNW.

According to the internet (and when have they ever been wrong?) Garden City Publishing was originally established as a separate firm by Nelson Doubleday, primarily reprints of books first offered by Doubleday, printed from the original plates but on less expensive paper. However, I have never seen a similar P&G edition with MacKinstry illustrations from Doubleday. This edition does have a cheap paper and binding, but I do like the cover.


Robert Trexler

Editor, CSL: The Bulletin of the New York C.S. Lewis Society

Publisher, Winged Lion Press