The Princess and Robert T.

Here's something to think about ... Why did MacDonald call this book "The Princess and the Goblin" - when there were clearly many goblins? Why not "Goblins"?

This Lippincott edition (copyright 1907) is the companion book to The Princess and Curdie (c 1908) which was submitted by Dan MacDonald. The book has illustrations by both Maria Kirk and Arthur Hughes with endpapers on the inside of the front and back covers by Maria Kirk. The Lippincott books have nice strong bindings and decent quality pages. 


One interesting note about these editions is that the identical interior pages and illustrations were subsequently published by Grosset and Dunlop of New York. G&D was primarily a reprint publishing house, so you will even find the Lippincott copyright listed in their editions. These reprints are of a lower quality binding and paper.


Robert Trexler

Editor, CSL: The Bulletin of the New York C.S. Lewis Society

Publisher, Winged Lion Press