Forget An Apple, Give Your Teacher the North Wind

I teach MacDonald, both in the context of Victorian literature and as part of a tutorial on C.S. Lewis in Context,  to undergraduate students visiting Wycliffe Hall in Oxford. He comes up all the time: in the context of early writers of fantasy, with his connections to Lewis Carroll, and of course in discussion of essentially anything to do with C.S. Lewis!

This book was a surprise gift from one of my C.S. Lewis students. She found it in a second hand charity book shop called OXFAM and gave it to me after our final class.  I was delighted to see it but horrified as I could only imagine how much she spent, but joyously it was on sale for £5.99 - about $10 I think.

It remains a treasured part of my MacDonald collection.

Thank you so much,

Emma Plaskitt