Olga Lukmanova Presents: The Light Princess

The other day I received a missive so intriguing, I simply present it in its entirety. What a delight!

Hello, Mr.... Onesimus? =) Something tells me it's not your real name, but it is a great one, so, hi!

My name is Olga Lukmanova, I live and work in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. I am a member of both George MacDonald Society and Wingfold groups on FB, a MacDonald scholar and translator of his work into Russian.

After some deliberation I have finally decided to submit my contribution to the  Annual Competition and hereby present the original musical based on GMD's "The Light Princess". It was written as part of the ongoing project (since 2001) where once a year a bunch of us enthusiasts hold a week-long 'creative' camp for young people where the kids rehearse and put together a musical. In 2015 I suggested doing "The Light  Princess, " wrote the book and the song lyrics, and directed the performance.

I have already posted the video on YouTube and on both our FB pages, but I am including it here for you too. I have provided English subtitles so that non-Russian speaking friends can enjoy it as well (and they have, the response has been very warm) - but I can also send the Russian original, if you'd like. The kids and all of us absolutely LOVED the story and we all LOVED how the musical turned out. We perform all our musicals just once, but try to record them and then, if anyone else likes them and wants to put them on or show them elsewhere, we happily share all we have free of charge and sometimes have even sent people to help others put together a performance.

So, here is the  link to the video: 

For English subtitles, just press CC

Enjoy! and thank you

all the best

Olga Lukmanova