Mr. Simon and Cosmo

In the next few months, we'll be releasing our new Scots-English edition of Castle Warlock, featuring illustrations by Melissa Alvey, an introduction by Michael Phillips, and David Jack's translations of all Scots dialogue side-by-side with the original Scots (in the book, the English will be in a column on the left, and the English on the right, making comparison easy). Scroll down to listen to Scotsman David Jack's recitation!

In Scots:
“Maister A’body has a heap o’ the gowk in him yet, Cosmo,” rejoined his master. “In fac’, he’s scarce mair nor an infant yet, though he wull speyk as gien the haill universe o’ wisdom an’ knowledge war open til ’im! Th ere’s no a word o’ the kin’ i’ the haill Bible, nor i’ the hert o’ man—nor i’ the hert o’ the Maker, do I, i’ the hert o’ me, believe. Cosmo, can ye believe ’at that wee bit foal o’ an ass ’at cairriet the maister o’ ’s a’ alang yon hill ro’d frae Bethany to Jerus’lem, cam to sic an ill hin’er en’ as to be forgotten by him he cairriet? No more can I believe that jist ’cause it cairriet him it was ae hair better luikit eft er nor ony ither bit assie foalt i’ the lan’ o’ Isr’el.” 

In English: 
“Master Everyone has a deal of the fool in him yet, Cosmo,” rejoined his master. “In fact, he’s scarce more than an infant yet, though he will speak as if the whole universe of wisdom and knowledge were open to him! Th ere’s not a word of the kind in the whole Bible, nor in the heart of man—nor in the heart of the Maker, do I, in the heart of me, believe. Cosmo, can you believe that that wee foal of an ass that carried our master along that hill road from Bethany to Jerusalem, came to such a bad end as to be forgotten by him he carried? No more can I believe that just because it carried him it was one hair better looked aft er than any other wee ass-foal in the land of Israel.”