Grannie's Ghost Story

George MacDonald's Castle Warlock is many things: a mystery, an adventure, a coming-of-age story, a celebration of the beauty of the Scottish Highlands, and a revelation of spiritual truth. At the novel's center are two unforgettable characters, young Cosmo Warlock and his father, the Laird of Glenwarlock. Michael Phillips captured the essence of this Christian classic when he wrote that "most striking of all is the love which exists between Cosmo and his aging father, in the heart of which pulsed the earliest attraction of the boy toward the heartbeat of God himself." 

MacDonald's extensive use of the Scots language has been a stumbling block for many readers--until now. This is the only edition of Castle Warlock that features English translations side-by-side with the complete original text. The translator, Scotsman David Jack, has provided an insightful preface and his own delightful illustrations, and the introduction is by best-selling author and preeminent MacDonald expert Michael Phillips.

To give you a feel for the two-column format, images of pages 62-64 are provided below. Grannie's Ghost Story begins with the last paragraph of page 62, and by scrolling below the text, you can listen to recordings of David Jack reading both the Scots and English versions!

David Jack reads the Scots:

David Jack reads the English: