The Final Unmasking

For there is nothing covered, that not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.

— Matthew 10:26; Luke 12:2

Humanity, without willed effort after righteousness, is mean enough to sink to any depth of disgrace. The judgments also of imagined superiority are hard to bear. The rich man who will pay his workers as little as possible, will read his poor relation a solemn lecture on extravagance, because of some humblest little act of generosity! If, in the endeavor to lead a truer life, a man merely lives otherwise than his neighbors, strange motives will be invented to account for it. To the honest soul, it is a comfort to believe that the truth will one day be known. Still more satisfactory will be the unveiling where a man is misunderstood by those who ought to know him better—who take it for granted that he is about to do the wrong thing while he is crying for courage to heed neither himself nor his friends, but only the Lord. How many hear and accept the words, “Be not conformed to this world,” without once perceiving that what they call Society and bow to as supreme, is the World and nothing else, or that those who mind what people think, and what people will say, are conformed to the world. The true man feels he has nothing to do with Society as judge or lawgiver: he is under the law of Jesus Christ, and it sets him free from the law of the World. Let a man do right, nor trouble himself about worthless opinion; the less he heeds tongues, the less difficult will he find it to love men. Let him comfort himself with the thought that the truth must out. He will not have to pass through eternity with the brand of ignorant or malicious judgment upon him. He shall find his peers and be judged of them.