The Final Unmasking

For there is nothing covered, that not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.

— Matthew 10:26; Luke 12:2

You who look for the justification of the light, are you prepared to encounter such exposure as the general unveiling of things must bring? Are you willing for the truth, whatever it be? I nowise mean to ask, have you a conscience so void of offence, have you a heart so pure and clean, that you fear no fullest exposure of what is in you to the gaze of men and angels? As to God, he knows it all now! What I mean to ask is, do you so love the truth and the right that you welcome, or at least submit willingly to the idea of an exposure of what in you is yet unknown to yourself—an exposure that may redound to the glory of the truth by making you ashamed and humble? It may be, for instance, that you were wrong in regard to those who you thought did wrong to you:  will you welcome any discovery, even if it work for the excuse of others, that will make you more true, by revealing what in you was false? Are you willing to be made glad that you were wrong when you thought others were wrong? If you can with such submission face the revelation of things hid, then you are of the truth, and need not be afraid; for, whatever comes, it will only make you more true and humble and pure. The glory of the true world is, that there is nothing in it that needs to be covered, while ever and ever there will be things uncovered.