The Cause of Spiritual Stupidity

How is it that ye do not understand?

— St. Mark. 8:21

Dost thou not believe God good enough to care for thee? I would reason with thee to help rid thee of thy troubles, for they hide from thee the thoughts of thy God. The things readiest to be done are not merely in general the most neglected, but, even by the thoughtful man, the oftenest postponed. But may a man become strong in righteousness without first learning to speak truth to his neighbor? Shall a man climb the last flight of the stair who has never set foot on the lowest step? He who does the truth in the small thing is of the truth; he who will do it only in a great thing, who postpones the small thing near him to the great things farther from him, is not. We are like the disciples in the boat, anxious over their one loaf, yet with the Bread of Life at their side. We too dull our understandings with trifles, waste the heavenly time with hurry. To those who possess their souls in patience come the heavenly visions. When a book has been borrowed from me and not returned, and I have forgotten the borrower but fret over the missing volume, while there are countless on my shelves from which the moments thus lost might gather treasure; am I not like the disciples?

Is it not time I lost a few things when I care for them so unreasonably? This losing of things is of the mercy of God; it comes to teach us to let them go.