Peter Cherepanov: Spiritual Freedom

I discovered George MacDonald in the fall of 2012, on Thanksgiving weekend. I was searching out understanding regarding God’s ultimate reconciliation of all mankind as my understanding of hell was being challenged. The challenge started with a sincere and deliberate seeking of Bible translations and coming across Tentmaker Ministries on the internet. The Lord has already been preparing my fallow heart for this, as I was deeply hurt by Church leadership two months prior to Thanksgiving weekend, and the hurt had more to do with how they treated my wife and seeing her have to face human religious pride at it’s worst. We were asked to submit to teachings that we didn’t agree with and were told to keep quiet and allow the leaders to instruct us, or else we would have to leave. We left and decided to take ten weeks to pray and seek the Lord, study His word objectively, and not have a kne- jerk reaction toward our fellow believers that were so adamant to bring us into submission to them. We ultimately left that congregation after speaking with the elders and agreeing to disagree but to continue in love and prayer for one another. Our lives have been so dramatically changed, and I specifically have had the most wonderful epiphany of God’s justice and love while reading the Unspoken Sermons. I have so much more I want to know and to continue reading the many writings of George MacDonald.