Diana Beatley: Blessings from God

I am a lover of George MacDonald and have read quite a number of his works. Being laid up by a chronic neurological disease for many years, reading has been one of the only things I've been able to do. God has used the wonderful thoughts and ideas Macdonald brings to inspire and keep me going. At first I had a difficult time (and still do) with some of his theology. I soon learned that this was such a good thing for me. It caused me to delve deeper into what I believed about God and His word and why. When I came across  MacDonald's novels written in the Scottish brogue I was taken back. I decided to push forward and soon was having so much fun in learning to pronounce and understand it. I absolutely love it now. My favorites being Malcolm, The Marquis of Lossie, and Sir Gibbie

As of late my medical condition does not allow me to be able to read at all. I am blessed witha wonderful husband Michael who reads to me from Macdonald. I am also listening to audio tapes I have found on the public domain online, just finishing At The Back of The North Wind (again). I am learning to listen and hear in a way I never had. One of the most rewarding times in the past has been reading to my beautiful granddaughters.  As young girls they enjoyed his fairytales. My dream as they grew older had always been to be able to read and discuss the more mature books MacDonald writes.  Since I cannot do so, our gracious God has pleasantly surprised  me... and my granddaughters are now reading them to me!