Vintage Editions and Collectibles Available from Dave Hiatt

From Jess Lederman:
Dave Hiatt is a legendary collector of the works of George MacDonald, having been at it for over forty years. This page presents a summary of the editions he’s currently selling; to see pictures of these vintage editions, click on any book’s title and you’ll be taken to the appropriate page in The Works Bookstore.

Dave also makes his talents available as a Seeker of Rare Editions. This service is offered free of charge as a gift to the community of MacDonald lovers. If there’s an edition you’re looking for, feel free to contact him at; if anyone can track it down, Dave can!

Dave’s Rare Editions:
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Good Words Six-Volume Set: $600
Good Words, 1865 to 1870 : 1867 includes the first appearance of Guild Court by George MacDonald. Strahan, London, six-volume set...

In the 1867 volume, in serialized magazine format, the first literary appearance of Guild Court. Published when MacDonald was a young 43, the same year Dealings with the Fairies was born! A few years prior to his North American tour, he was  a literary tour-de-force in Britain! 

The set is a Victorian Treasure Trove, illustrated with artists including Edward Hughes, nephew to Arthur. First appearances by many British authors in magazine format, beyond breath-taking and rare!

Volumes are in Good to Very Good condition, some minor binding issues, all with strong spines. Extremely rare to find these six in a uniform setting for sale! Handsome shelf additions! For the serious MacDonald collector, you will likely not come across this offer again anywhere!

A Dish of Orts, Enlarged Edition, Sampson Low, London, 1893: $200
Generally Very Good condition, small and obscure issues, still a lovely copy after 126 years!

A collection of George MacDonald’s essays on various topics, including the Fantastic Imagination, enlarged from the 1882 Orts edition. A sort of Greatest Essay Hits, spanning several years and subjects. First published in 1882, MacDonald’s powerful commentary on a lifetime of literary curiosity and scholarly pursuit! A must-have for every serious collector and very scarce!

The Marshmallows Trilogy: $300
These three volumes are not a uniform set, but combined form the long narrative telling the story line of this trilogy, as it were. As an antiquarian set, they are very difficult to find to combine and make a Marshmallows set! You will likely not find another antiquarian set of these Victorian titles, in this condition!

Annals of a Quiet Neighborhood, A. Strahan, London, 1868.
Generally a very sound volume, plain boards front and back, bright gilt on spine, a very nice copy! MacDonald was forty-three, at the height of his writing powers and career during this time period. Annals is volume 1 of the Marshmallows Trilogy, his fictional city and saga of English life, in the pastorate. It was not uncommon at this stage of his writing for MacDonald to have several volumes at various stages of creation, including poetry, sermons, adult fiction, or children's stories. A few years prior to his American Tour, he was a literary rock star in London, shaking and shaping people's hearts and minds! Copies in this condition are scarce! 

The Seaboard Parish, Routledge, NY 1872. Generally good to very good condition, a sound volume, hinges are starting, slight issues here and there. Volume 2 of the Marshmallows Trilogy, pairing with Annals and Vicar"s Daughter. 

The Vicar's Daughter, Robert's Bros, Boston, 1879. Generally good to very good condition, a sound volume, ex-library with the usual treatments and issues. Volume 3 of the Marshmallows Trilogy, pairing with Annals and The Seaboard Parish. 

Far Above Rubies, 1898 ~ USA ~ Barse & Hopkins, NY, paperback, First Edition; Dodd*Mead, NY, hardback, First Edition $300 for the pair
George MacDonald's final literary journey, a novelette, published in London in the Sketch Magazine only—it did not appear in book format. Written when he was 74 and nearing the end of his story-telling powers, this was MacDonald’s final message to his adoring reading family. The Dodd*Mead edition is generally in Very Good condition, a lovely copy. The Barse & Hopkins paperback, a generally Good to Very Good paperback copy, this survivor is excessively rare in any condition, I have seen only two in forty years, you will likely not find another! I'm proud to offer this one to the next owner. Offered as a duplex to the next collector, a rare opportunity to add value and enjoyment for the next generation!

The Wise Woman, 1875, Alexander Strahan, London, First Edition hardback $300
George MacDonald's  full-length children's story had it's first appearance in Serialization format under the title "A Double Story" in Good Things Magazine, December 1874 to July 1875, in  which he was the editor for Strahan.  It would then be issued a year later in the US by Dodd*Mead. MacDonald was at the height of his powers as England's leading children's storyteller and certainly most beloved children's author. It was published following his highly successful American tour a couple years before. Herein his powers were seldom matched, leaving unforgettable images in this masterful narrative. Generally a sound volume, in about Good condition, remarkable for a 143 year young survivor. Rare in this format, it's increasingly difficult to find a first in decent condition! A rare opportunity to own this cherished volume from Grandfather's Canon!

The Portent, Cornhill Magazine, 1860, 2 Volumes, London, Smith Elder and Co., hardback, $300 for the set
First appearance, in serialization magazine format ~ George MacDonald's first foray into the "Spooky Novel", a Scots story, really unlike any other of his literary creations! A unique history herein includes his first attempt at story revision, based upon his publisher's request! The magazine's original story line as seen here was then re-written into novel form with a happier ending, as his editor desired! MacDonald agreed to change the plot to adapt to the 'times' for his reading audience. Hence, the story within these magazine pages will not be found beyond them! Extremely rare to find and obtain, and all the more desirable with the above in mind! Additionally, the sheer size and inclusion of Victorian Treasures in these two volumes is, in itself,  a thrilling treat! The true MacDonald collector will require this acquisition for collection completion!

MacDonald’s Adult English and Scottish Novels, 17 volumes, Routledge, NY, 1870's to 1890's, $800
Individual titles may be available at $50/each: interested parties may contact Dave Hiatt at
A rare chance to own a uniform set of GMD adult novels from Routledge, NY. The original issue included 22 volumes, two of which were duplexes. Difficult to find affordably from this era and label.Though not a complete set, still scarce to come across a group of this size. If purchased as complete unit, a title is being included at no charge! They are in generally decent condition, good to very good and better. A striking presence when displayed! A vintage, once in a generation, opportunity to consider! Rare and beautiful!

Titles include: *Adela Cathcart*Alec Forbes* Annals Quiet Neighborhood* David Elginbrod*Donal Grant* Guild Court*Malcolm* Marquis of Lossie*Mary Marston* Paul Faber*Phantastes/Portent* Robert Falconer*SirGibbie* St. George and St Michael* Thomas Wingfold* Warlock Glenwarlock*What's MIne's Mine....

Good Words for the Young, Alexander Strahan, London, 1870. Bound Serialized Magazine for the year 1870. $1000
Generally sound , a complete copy, several binding issues, some page soiling, original boards highlight this specimen! Excessively rare and beautiful!  Seldom offered for sale!
This magazine was edited by George Macdonald from 1869 to 1873. During the time-frame of 1870 he first introduced At the Back of the North Wind, second half, and Ranald Bannerman's Boyhood, two of his prized full-length children's stories. This volume, well-loved as it is, represents one of GMD's crowning achievements as author and editor. In addition, the many remarkable reproductions of Arthur Hughes finest drawings, as interpreted here by the Dalziel Bros, chief engravers of the day. A unique and rare chance to own a marvelous and sublime pairing of gifted artists and friends! The very first appearance of these two GMD favorites! 

Engraving of MacDonald, Scribner's Monthly Magazine, US, circa 1879 : $50 Around the time Sir Gibbie hit the presses in America and London, MacDonald was fifty-five and at the height of his writing powers. Border edges have an occasional minor nick. If it were trimmed carefully this portrait, when framed, would look very handsome on any wall! Striking ephemera!

Carte de Visite of MacDonald, London, Elliott and Frye, London, circa 1872: $300
Original photograph of MacDonald, now virtually impossible to locate. Taken during the Princess and the Goblin era, MacDonald was an intercontinental force, the year prior to his American tour. Inasmuch as its pocket-size indicates, these were the common business cards of the times! A stunning survivor!

Dealings with the Fairies, 1868, A. Strahan, London, 2nd edition. $1,200
Generally very sound, binding strong and all pages present and intact! Entirely original. This is the first stand-alone creation of MacDonald's fairy tales (published when the author was forty-three), with The Light Princess appearing for the first time. A rare survivor, given that these small volumes were intended for small hands, children can easily have their ways with a book! Interestingly, the 1868 second edition is scarcer than the 1867 edition, though when found intact, both years are costly and rare.

Gutta Percha Willie, Blackie & Son, 1888, London. $100
Generally sound volume, about good to very good condition. MacDonald was sixty-four when this edition was issued, still capable and  strong in ability, and a literary rock star here and across the pond. The original appearance was by monthly serialization in Good Words for the Young in 1873, some 15 years prior to this edition. A magical story!

Works of Fancy and Imagination, 10-volume boxed set with original box, A. Strahan, 1884. $2,000
Condition is generally sound and good to very good, no noticeable issues. Small volumes have been pre-loved, box is fully intact! Volumes and box somewhat rubbed and handled, however, this set's inclusion of the display box is excessively rare! As of this listing I can find no boxed sets advertised anywhere. MacDonald was sixty, and this set was certainly a crowning point of his career. Only occasionally did publishers honor their client with such a production! Originally appearing in 1867, such sets are cost prohibitive even without the display box! A unique collection of his most famous short stories and poetry.

Gifts of the Child Christ, Slipcase, 2-volume set, 1973, Wm B Eerdmans Pub Co., USA. $300.00
Condition is two-fold : Mint for the two volumes, and Good to Very Good for the cardboard slipcase. The books do include the bookplate from the previous owner.  In 1973 Eerdmans USA published this now famous two-volume set, MacDonald scholar Glenn Sadler edited and collected the various contents for this publication. Magical in its execution, and a scholars dream, herein lay treasures seldom if ever found! A true collector's gem! Seldom found in this condition!  

Gifts of the Child Christ, Paperback, 2-volume set, Eerdmans USA. Volume 1 is 5th edition and Volume 2 is 3rd edition, both after 1973. $50.00
Condition is generally good to very good, well-enjoyed copies!  This is the paperback version of the Eerdmans described above. Set is entirely intact and pleasant reading copies!

At the Back of the North Wind
MacDonald wrote the story of little Diamond and North Wind's adventures around 1868, when he was forty-three. It originally appeared in "Serialization," or magazine format, during 1869 to 1870, when he edited the London children's periodical Good Words For The Young, published by good friend and fellow Scot, Alexander Strahan. It appeared in monthly parts for one year, and realized first edition book status in 1871, actually available for Christmas sales in bookstores in 1870. Widely considered his masterpiece and best-known children's story, its story line and depth of thought afford it a unique status, since it created a new genre in children's literature. Copies of vintage editions in good condition can be scarce and costly! 

Available Editions of At the Back of the North Wind:
Routledge , New York, 1882. $200.00
Generally a very sound volume, bright gilt on front board and spine, slight staining on bottom edge, otherwise a nice copy!
Blackie and Son, London, circa 1886. $200.00
Generally a very sound volume, bright gilt on front board and spine, slight rubbing on spine, otherwise a nice copy!

The Flight of the Shadow : Appleton, New York, 1892, First Edition. $100.00 Generally a very sound volume, bright gilt on front board and spine, a very nice copy! MacDonald was nearing the end of his long writing career with the publication of this "novelette". He revisited several themes in the telling of this story, one of the last of his  English Tales. It was to be followed by only a few more works before his writing career ended in 1898. MacDonald was sixty-seven, his story-telling powers and convictions still strong! Copies of this volume are quite scarce!

Salted With Fire: Dodd Mead and Hurst and Blackett, both 1897, First Editions. $400.00 for the pair
Generally very sound volumes, slight rubbing and staining, a very nice set indeed!
MacDonald's final fictional masterpiece, published when he was seventy-two, summing up his parting statement of clergy life and rapport. He was to author one final work, a novelette, the next year. This was his final statement!  First edition sets are seldom found in this state!

Poetical Works, two-volume set, Chatto & Windus, 1893, First Edition, $100.00 for the set
Generally very sound volumes, lacking the title gilt on spine (possibly by design?). A very nice set! MacDonald secluded himself for six months to reproduce his lifetime of poetic genius. Wm. Carey Davies, his lifelong friend and secretary, helped in this often laborious effort, which was published when the Scotsman was sixty-eight. MacDonald regarded himself a poet first and foremost, and society deemed his poetry of a very high order. He also authored the Scottish novel Heather and Snow the same year. Attractive sets in this format are scarce!

Phantastes, 1894, London, Chatto & Windus, First Edition, $300.00  
Hailed as the “Suppressed Edition” in the GMD corpus of titles, this offering is excessively rare to find, and for good reason! Greville MacDonald, GMD's oldest son, essentially eliminated the press run of his father's 1858 adult fantasy. Chatto & Windus produced this 1894 edition of Phantastes without George or Louisa's knowledge and permission. James Bell was commissioned to execute several paintings to illustrate this story; he was apparently an in-house staff artist, about whom very little is known. When the family was presented with this edition, Louisa reacted in horror, condemning the drawings as unacceptable. She commissioned Greville to then retrieve the press run and have them destroyed. Obviously, some got away, but he did manage to snag most of the copies. Hence, copies are nearly impossible to find in any condition. This survivor has been very loved, but is still in readable condition, although a bit rubbed and handled. Entirely intact, with the binding relatively healthy! Rare!

Heather and Snow : London, Chatto & Windus, and NY, Harpers, both 1893, both First Editions, $200.00 for the pair
These copies are generally in acceptable condition, the Harpers edition sounder than the London. The Chatto copy moving more toward reading-copy status, delicate with its age, still an attractive presence.

MacDonald was sixty-nine when he penned his final Scottish novel. His writing powers still keen, the story was completed in late spring the year before publication. His desk still overflowing with projects, some of his greatest works were yet to come; he took care to continue to give his all!

The Princess and the Goblin & The Princess and Curdie
MacDonald’s double foray into the Goblin Kingdom, among his most famous works and favourites, published when he was forty-eight. He wrote to Louisa that he felt Goblin to be the best work of this kind that he had yet done. Interestingly, eleven years would  pass between these sequels! Among the most endearing and loved of all his corpus. Each received serialization treatment prior to book appearance, Goblin in Good Words for the Young, and Curdie in Good Things, a Picturesque Magazine, both Alexander Strahan's publications. During the early 70's MacDonald also served as editor of Good Words.

US Editions, JB Lippincott for both. Curdie First American Edition, 1883,  and Goblin reprint edition. Uniform set. $300.00
Both volumes have condition issues but are better than 'reading copies only', and each very presentable. They have been well-loved! 

Princess and the Goblin & Princess and Curdie : Blackie & Son, London. Goblin not dated, and Curdie 1888. Uniform set. $200.00
Both volumes have condition issues but are better than 'reading copies only', and each very presentable. They have been well-loved!