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A Word on Pegana Press' Latest Project: The Golden Key

What drew me to The Golden Key: What I found compelling was the Universality of Macdonald's imagery and his complete understanding and pathos in describing our journey through life. There are many parallels in my own married life that resonate with me in The Golden Key. It seems a distillation of the fundamental life experience of being human, especially when making that journey with your loved partner. I believe Macdonald to have been a Visionary who transmitted the understanding of the everlasting moment that our energy is suspended in. The wonder of our world sometimes is most stunningly experienced and more importantly realized in the simple patterns we see and how they lead to more complex patterns, all interconnected and balanced. The Golden Key to me represents that perfection of balance and precision that is so much a part of the glory of existence.  

My decision to devote an immense amount of energy and labor to print The Golden Key also stems from my habits as a book lover and collector. I've always chosen works that I would want to have in my own library. Beautiful editions that support and enhance the wonder and glory of the written word that you can hold and caress. I felt that The Golden Key needed such an edition. The inclusion of the wonderful illustrations have made what I feel is a truly representative version of this amazing story.

illustrations by Charles van Sandwyk

illustrations by Charles van Sandwyk

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—Mike Tortorello

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