Wise Path Books is a family and friends venture, working together to sell worthy books. Books that have, for the most part, stood the test of time and should be read by all serious about following Jesus. Books that help us find, and stay on, the Wise Path.

Initially, Wise path Books are mostly selling the amazing Sunrise Centenary editions of George MacDonald's original works. These masterpieces of book art were originally published by Michael and Judy Phillips. They were made mostly from 1988 through the mid 1990's and it is questionable whether they could even be made in today's print-on-demand world. Get them while they last.

Our goal is not to make profits, but rather to profit your soul.  If you cannot afford one of our books, please contact us and we will help you work out how to get these writings in your hands in some form, at little or no cost to you.

Please visit our online bookstore: