An Actor Inspired by George MacDonald: The Diary of An Old Soul Podcast

As a child I read The Princess And The Goblin and At The Back Of The North Wind, but had no idea that George MacDonald was anything besides a children's author. I rediscovered him in my early 20's by reading his fantasy novels for adults, Lilith and Phantastes, and later, his poetry and sermons. I grew up loving Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, but MacDonald was the first author I encountered who I felt truly transcended mere storytelling and used his writing to speak profound truths and about spirituality and the human condition, no matter the genre.

Diary of An Old Soul is a podcast wherein my goal is to narrate the complete literary works of George MacDonald. As of this writing, it includes an introduction to MacDonald plus the first seven chapters of Lilith. Starting this podcast is mostly a challenge to myself, because I would eventually like to read everything George MacDonald has ever written, so why not narrate his works while I'm at it? My initial intent was to narrate all of his novels, but after someone suggested starting a Patreon account, I have been thinking I would offer recordings of his poetry and Unspoken Sermons as well (if anyone has any more suggestions, let me know!)


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